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You've reached timo's personal webspace.


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1. Rather have a page with limited content, than a dead blog.
2. Back to the HTML, CSS and Javascript roots, instead of Wordpress.
3. Adaptive design.
4. No cookies! No adds! No tracking!

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Timo Dinnesen
Portrait photo

Even though born the year after the 6502 microprocessor was released, he would wait 11 years until he actually coded a program on one (on the slightly modified 6510.)
Since then he has coded so many different programming languages that he has lost count himself.
Today however he seems mostly stuck on Java and, due to his love for data, SQL.

He's a dude with many hobbies, most of them tech related.
He wastes time playing games with his friends, and running game and voice chat servers.
He administers a way too complex home network.
He fools around with Unity, KALI Linux, Raspberry Pi, Synology.
He's a nostalgic and likes organizing old data.

When he wanders outside he claims to do so with a mountainbike, rollerblades, or on a sup board. In reality he most often drives a baby carriage :-)

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Here are some links to some old stuff so that google can index it.
Masters thesis
DACTA70909 JAVA controller
Arsenal Stike One assembly guide